Chocolate and pecan muffins

Chocolate and pecan muffins

Chocolate and pecan muffins… This is the little cake we all want for this back to school. Easy and quick to make, it is also terribly delicious. Well, I admit that for the gluttony, I let myself go a little there. And yes, you’re not dreaming, it’s a homemade pecan praline that comes to cover my pretty muffins.

This praline is to die for. To make it, I simply took my hazelnut praline recipe, replacing them with pecans. This praline was originally intended for a Paris Brest that I completely missed. The end of the pot therefore ended on these muffins.
Making a praline is not complicated and always very satisfying. The key is to have a robot powerful enough to reduce the pecans and caramel to a paste.
This praline is the little touch in addition to my muffins. It is not essential. The muffins are delicious and stand on their own.

And there, it’s child’s play.

Chocolate Pecan Muffins:

50g pecans
190g flour
1 tsp baking powder
1 pinch of salt
90g sugar
1 egg
120g fermented milk
75g melted butter
1 tbsp vanilla syrup
70g dark chocolate

Preheat the oven to 160°C, static heat.

Roast the pecans by placing them in the oven for about 15 minutes.

Raise the oven temperature to 180°C.

Mix flour, baking powder, salt and sugar.
In another bowl, mix the egg, fermented milk, butter and syrup.
Mix the two without insisting.

Coarsely chop the chocolate and pecans, then add them to the batter.

Put in boxes and cook for about 25 minutes at 180°C.

Chocolate and pecan muffins.  Pecan praline

If you wish, here is the pecan praline recipe. Plan a few more pecans to put on top.

Pecan praline:

200g pecan nuts

150g sugar
1 pinch of fleur de sel

Preheat the oven to 160°C.

Roast the pecans for about 15 minutes. They should be golden.

Cover the bottom of a saucepan with about 1/3 of the sugar.

Allow to caramelize over fairly low heat. The sugar will gradually take on a golden color. Gradually add the remaining sugar to the melted spots. Above all, do not mix with a spoon. However, you can stir the pan.

When all the sugar has taken on a dark caramel color, add the pecans and mix lightly.

Pour everything onto a baking sheet and let cool.

Break the caramel into small pieces, and put them in a food processor with the fleur de sel.

Mix several times. Bring the dough evenly towards the blades.
When the texture is very fluid, pour into jars and keep cool.

Chocolate and pecan muffins

To finish: instead of pecans, we could also make a hazelnut and hazelnut praline version. The process is the same.
Hazelnut spread could also do the trick.

You can make homemade fermented milk by mixing 110 ml of milk and 10 of lemon juice. Let stand for 15 minutes.
Fermented milk, by its acidity, makes it possible to obtain very soft cakes.

Choose beautiful muffin cases. Some, very decorative, are not of quality. As a precaution, I always put them in muffin cups.

Instead of chocolate bars, it is possible to use nuggets.

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