Chocolate and cherry layer cake

Before going on vacation for a while, I absolutely wanted to share with you the recipe for this delicious layer cake. It will be perfect for enjoying the last cherries of the season.

Over the past few months, I’ve given up on baking a bit. I didn’t lack ideas, quite the contrary. I have great molds to discover and lovely recipes to try. It’s rather a lack of desire to eat mousses, rich cakes… And without the desire to taste, it’s impossible for me to find the motivation to do so. But, the gluttony will come back, that’s for sure.

The only cake I’ve made lately is this chocolate cherry layer cake. A delight ! It consists of very soft almond cakes, Genoa style, a mascarpone whipped ganache and a cherry confit.
I admit that I was not very satisfied with the visual result. Besides, I hesitated to share it here. But, when I tasted it, I told myself that it would be a shame to stop at just an average visual. After all, it’s the most important taste, right? So it’s not as beautiful as I would have liked, but you won’t do like me and yours will definitely be perfect. Indeed, too sure of myself (and a bit lazy too), I didn’t take the precaution of freezing the confit. As a result, it was a little tricky to put the ganache properly, because there were lots of leaks.

This layer cake is ultimately very simple to make. It will be ideal for a birthday.
Outside the cherry season, you can take a cherry jam, preferably low in sugar.

Chocolate and cherry layer cake:


3 eggs

2 yolks eggs

110g ground almonds
90g sugar

2 blanks eggs

50g sugar
50g flour
30g cocoa

Preheat the oven to 170°C.

Place the eggs, the yolks, the ground almonds and the 90 g of sugar in a mixing bowl and whisk for about ten minutes.

Beating egg whites.
Gradually add the remaining sugar.

Add the meringue to the first mixture, delicately, with a spatula.
Sift the flour and cocoa over the mixture and incorporate, always gently.

Bake the dough in 3 greased 16 cm diameter molds for about 15 minutes.

Let cool before unmolding.

Ganache whipped with mascarpone:

200g dark chocolate (70%)
350g full cream
200g mascarpone

The day before, melt the chocolate with 100 ml of cream. Mix well to have a homogeneous texture.
Add the rest of the cream. To mix together.
Book cool.

The next day, whip the ganache very cold as for whipped cream.
Add at the end the mascarpone in several times.


Cherry confit (recipe here)

The day before, pipe the confit on a baking sheet, so as to obtain 2 circles of about 14 cm.
Reserve in the freezer.

Place a cake on a plate.
Spread a thin layer of ganache, then place a puck of frozen cherry confit. Cover with a layer of ganache.
Start again with a cake, ganache, a layer of cherry confit, and ganache. Place the last cake, and cover the whole cake with ganache.
For decoration, keep a little ganache in a piping bag. Add some cherries.

To finish: if you don’t have 3 different molds for the cake, bake one after the other. Or, you can cook everything at the same time in a higher mold, adjusting the cooking time of course. It will then be necessary to cut the cold cake in 3.
The 16 cm diameter molds for layer cake are really very practical. It’s a good investment, when you want to make this kind of cake regularly.

We will make at least 12 parts in this cake.

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