Chocolate and cherry fondant

The cherry season will soon be over. I always have this feeling of not having taken advantage of it enough.
My biggest regret is indeed not being able to make pickings.
I dream of a beautiful cherry tree in my garden….

For change traditional clafoutis, I suggest you make a delicious chocolate and cherry fondant. It’s just as easy to make and really delicious.
Of course, just like for the clafoutis, I leave the pits. It’s not for laziness, nor for the taste, but to keep all the juice from the cherries inside them.

The chocolate and cherry marriage works very well. This fondant will make a very pleasant dessert or snack.

Chocolate and cherry fondant:

200g chocolate (70%)
60g butter
3 eggs
90g brown sugar
35g flour
60 g full cream
1 tbsp of kirsch
250g cherries

Preheat the oven to 150°C.

Melt the chocolate and the butter in the microwave.

Whisk eggs and sugar.
Add the flour. To mix together.
Add the cream and the kirsch. To mix together.
Add the melted chocolate. To mix together.

Pour the batter into a mold of about 20 cm.
Push the cherries inside.

Bake for about 30 minutes. The cake should stay moist. It’s normal for it to look undercooked.

Let cool down before unmolding.

To finish: for this recipe, I was inspired by this chocolate and raspberry tart and of course always from Donna Hay.

As a reminder, the alcohol leaves during cooking. All that remains is the scent of kirsch.
You can also use amaretto.

This kind of cake doesn’t stand up well in the fridge. The texture changes and becomes more compact.
Prefer to eat it at room temperature or keep it in a cool room.
Otherwise, take it out of the fridge a while before.

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