Chocolate and candied ginger ice cream

I particularly like making ice cream. In the next few months, my machine will take up its winter quarters, but in the meantime we are taking advantage of the Indian summer to have fun. A cone eaten in the sun is an excellent remedy for gloom.

I have already told you that when I was younger, I only ate chocolate ice cream. Then, I made my ice cream myself, and for a few years, I tested all the flavors possible and imaginable. As a result, my dear chocolate ice cream no longer surprised me.
In recent months, however, it has made a comeback since I have almost only prepared chocolate ice cream. I varied the chocolates, but above all, I had fun making associations and adding little extras to the chocolate.

This is the idea of ​​my daughter who loves candied ginger.
For the record, the best candied ginger is prepared in Buddhist temple of Noyant d’Allier. If you are in the area, a visit is a must and not just for their ginger. It is an unexpected and magical place. This former mining village was given new life when returnees from Indochina arrived. Volunteers gladly tell their stories over tea. It’s always a rare moment that feels good.

We make the moment last by always bringing back a nice quantity of candied ginger, perfect like that and even better with chocolate.

Chocolate and candied ginger ice cream:

350g whole milk
4 egg yolks
80g sugar
120g Guanaja chocolate (70%)
130 g full cream
60g candied ginger

Start by preparing a custard.
At Thermomix, put the milk, yolks and sugar in the mixing bowl and heat at 80°C speed 4 for 5 to 6 minutes.
Add chocolate and stir until melted.
Add the cream. To mix together.

In the pan, farea to heat the milk.
Whisk the egg yolks and sugar then pour in the hot milk little by little while whisking.

Put back on the heat to thicken without Stop to stir. Do not boil!

Off the heat, add the chocolate and stir until melted.

Add cream and mix.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

Take the ice cream in a machine.

At the end, add the ginger cut into small cubes.

Store in the freezer. Remember to take it out a few minutes before serving to make it smoother.

To finish: I suspect that you are going to have a hard time finding such good candied ginger as that of the pagoda.
You can still buy very good ones.
I have already prepared several times. The recipe is here. Even if it does not completely suit me, this ginger is still very good.

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