Chilled avocado and coriander soup

It is enough for the thermometer to climb to see his diet change completely. Make way for salads and freshness.
At the start of the weekend, I still had a moment of doubt, faced with my very full fridge. Nothing I bought really appealed to me. I even wondered for a moment what we usually eat when the weather is nice and warm. Melons, tomatoes, peaches… No doubt, the heat is a bit ahead of the salads.

All the same, I had some nice ripe avocados that tempted me.

So, I composed a light and fresh meal, directly drawn from the pages of the vegetarian cookbook, Green by Anya Kassoff, whom I had the pleasure of discovering thanks to NaturaSense.
I made 2 recipes from this book, a chilled avocado and coriander soup and chickpea flour pancakes with mango salsa. Today, I’m just talking to you about this soup, oh so delicious and refreshing, but I promise, I’ll come back to the rest of the meal very, very quickly…

Chilled avocado and coriander soup:

3 lawyers
1 lime
1 shallot
1 small bunch of coriander
350ml vegetable stock
200ml milk
1 tsp salt
2 pinch of Espelette pepper
100 g skyr (or Greek yoghurt)

Start by preparing the broth, then let it cool.

In the bowl of the blender, put the peeled avocados, lemon juice, shallot, coriander, broth, milk, salt and chilli.
Blend until smooth.
Add the skyr and blend to combine well.
Check the seasoning.

Book cool.

Serve in 6 glasses with 1 cubed avocado, lime juice and a little cilantro.

To finish: instead of milk, you can use almond milk.

I discovered skyr lately in my Fresh store. It comes to us from Iceland., and is between yogurt and fresh cheese, with a very marked acid taste.
You can use Greek yogurt instead.

Also find the recipe chickpea pancakes and mango salsa.

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