Chicken terrine with candied lemon purée

In summer, it is always very pleasant to taste a very fresh terrine, with simply a small salad. It is also the perfect dish for buffets or picnics.
Everyone appreciates.
It’s also very easy to do.

The terrine that I propose to you today consists of chicken. To flavor it, I chose to prepare a purée of candied lemons with coriander.
The marriage of chicken, candied lemon and coriander is really delicious and takes us on a trip to the countries of northern Africa.

Chicken terrine with candied lemon purée:

Purée of candied lemons with coriander:

200g candied lemons
50ml sunflower oil
20 ml vinegar (Melfort)
1 tsp coriander powder

I use the Thermomix, but blender, saucepan and spoon do the trick too!

Remove the ends of the lemons as well as the pips.
Mix all the ingredients until you have a fine paste.
Heat at 100°C for 1-2 minutes at speed 3.

Store in a small jar in the fridge.

Terrine Of Chicken:
(According to To my sleepless nights)

350 g chicken fillets + 2 small
320 g liquid cream
2 eggs
2 large tsp candied lemon purée
fresh coriander
salt pepper

Preheat the oven to 150°C.

Finely mix the 350 g of chicken fillets, the cream, the eggs and the candied lemon purée.
Salt lightly because the lemons are already well salted and pepper.
Add pistachios and coriander leaves.

Pour half of the preparation into a silicone cake mould.
Arrange the remaining fillets in the centre.
Cover with the rest of the preparation.
Smooth and cover with a silpat.

Cook for about 50 minutes.

Leave the terrine to cool before refrigerating it.

Serve with homemade mayonnaise.

To finish: without a silicone cake mold or silpat, you will have to prepare a bain-marie and extend the cooking time.

The remaining candied lemon purée can be used to flavor a tagine, mayonnaise, fish…

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