Cherry confit

Cherry confit

Let’s enjoy the cherries before the season passes!
A few days ago, I gave you the recipe for almond tree with cherries, a cake that changes from clafoutis. This cake was the first recipe I had prepared with my crate of cherries. Of course, we also ate a lot like that. It’s so good.
And then, with what was left, I prepared a confit. I call it that because even though it looks a lot like jam, the amount of sugar is really kept to a minimum. With it, you can spread it on your bread in the morning, like with a classic jam. The unsweetened, slightly tangy taste completely pays homage to the cherry. It is super greedy with its whole fruits.
On the other hand, you cannot keep this confit in a jar, as is usually done for a jam. The conservation is done in the fridge, and we eat it quite quickly.

You can use it to accompany your yoghurts and white cheeses. This is delicious! But also put it in your recipes. That’s what I did. A nice party accompanied a homemade Fontainebleau. I’ll give you the recipe tomorrow. I also prepared an ice cream and a chocolate cake. We had fun! I had still planned to make a Basque cake, but unfortunately, there was already no more of this delicious confit. Since then, I’ve been crossing my fingers to find cherries at an affordable price.

You understood, the recipe for this confit is the first of a small series devoted to cherries. I hope all this will make your mouth water.

Cherry confit:

500g pitted cherries
125g brown sugar
1 heaped tbsp of Vitpris

Put the cherries in a saucepan with 100 g of brown sugar.
Let stand for at least 1 hour. The sugar will melt and make a juice.

Cherry confit

Heat and let boil over medium heat for 5/10 minutes.
Remove the scum as you go.

Mix the remaining sugar and Vitpris. Sprinkle over the confit to avoid lumps.
Mix and cook for a few more minutes. The juice will thicken and become syrupy.

Leave to cool and keep refrigerated.

Cherry confit and Fontainebleau

To finish: Vitpris can be found in supermarkets. It is pectin which will allow to have a thick texture. With this amount of sugar, it is essential.
Depending on the desired texture, the quantity can be adjusted. There, the confit remains quite liquid. For example for an insert to put in a cake, it will take more.

Nothing prevents you from adding more sugar to make a classic jam. Normally it’s as much sugar as fruit, but personally I always reduce it a bit.
For cherry jam, which tends to be quite liquid, I advise you to also use Vitpris.

I gave you the recipe for 500 g of cherries. In truth, I made 1.2 kg.

To pit the cherries, I use a chopstick to push the pit out. It’s artisanal, but it works very well. Plan all the same an apron and if possible go outside.

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