Cheese ball with goat cheese and pesto

When I go to the market, I always come back with fresh goat cheese. You have certainly noticed that I particularly like this cheese and that it inspires me in many recipes. This time, I had in mind to prepare a “cheese ball”, a fragrant cheese presented in a ball to serve as an aperitif.

Well, in fact, this recipe had become a fixed idea since a short visit to a souvenir shop in Canada. Kits were on offer, and not far from the cone to garnish with marshmallows, chocolate and candies before putting it on the barbecue, there was the cheese ball mix. I found this idea very good and I had promised myself to test very quickly.

When I got back, I discovered that it was actually a very classic recipe and that there are many versions of it on Pinterest. I love the fun side of this recipe.

I chose to bring the flavors of pesto to my cheese ball, by adding garlic and fresh basil, a little olive oil. I rolled everything in roasted pine nuts.

And I just put it on the table, with some crackers… And it was all gone!

Cheese ball with goat cheese and pesto:

200 g of fresh goat’s cheese

100g Philadelphia

1 good clove of garlic

a few leaves of fresh basil

1 tbsp olive oil

salt pepper

Pine nuts

Mix the cheeses.

Add the finely grated garlic, chopped basil and olive oil. To mix together.

Season to your taste.

Arrange a film in a bowl, then pour the preparation in the center.

Close the film and tighten it.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

Lightly brown the pine nuts in a skillet then roughly chop them.

Take the cheese ball out of the fridge and remove the film.

Gently roll it in the pine nuts.

Refrigerate until tasting.

Finally: many variations are possible. You can vary the cheeses, use the herbs you like, spice and season according to your desires, vary the seeds…
We have fun with what we like and what is in the fridge.

Crackers are fine, but personally I preferred delicious rye bread.

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