Charlotte with strawberries and yogurt mousse

Yum! A classic strawberry charlotte, like the one we could eat when we were younger…
Finally, classic, maybe not so much! The recipe that I propose to you consists of Greek yogurt and it is flavored with rose water.
This is delicious!

Rose water goes wonderfully with strawberries. Moreover, when the latter lack flavor, rose water is a very good trick to give them taste.

For the mousse, I used real Greek yogurt, not the one you usually find under the name “Greek style”. The particularity of Greek yogurt is to have been drained. As a result, its consistency is firm and lends itself well to making mousses that hold together, without adding gelatin.
For some time, I had fun testing different Greek yogurts. Those found in supermarkets, such as Danio and Yopa (it is not specified anywhere that these are indeed Greek yogurts), lack a little firmness, especially the last one. They can be used, but it will be necessary to take the precaution of leaving them for a few hours in a fine filter, in order to remove the excess liquid. My favorite is Total. It is more difficult to find, but the texture of the foam is perfect, even without dripping.

Preparing a charlotte is child’s play, and frankly the result is really very, very nice. And if the classic charlotte of our childhood became fashionable again…

Charlotte with strawberries and yogurt mousse:

17 spoon biscuits (Bonne Maman, otherwise the recipe is here)
170 g Greek yogurt (Total)
150 g full cream
40g icing sugar
1 tbsp rose water
250g strawberries

Pour the yogurt into a mixing bowl.
Add sugar and rose water. To mix together.

Whip the cold cream into whipped cream.
Gently add it to the yoghurt with a spatula.

Film a mold.
Put a little mousse in the bottom, then place the biscuits all around.
Assemble the inside of the charlotte by alternating layers of mousse, pieces of strawberries and biscuits.

Film the top of the charlotte and pack lightly with your hands.

Refrigerate for a few hours.

Unmold the charlotte onto the serving platter.

Decorate the top with the remaining strawberries and possibly small strawberry flowers in sugar paste.

Serve with a strawberry coulis.

To finish: I used a pyrex mold, small in size. The charlotte is for about 6 people.
Depending on the mold you choose, you will of course have to adapt the proportions.

Don’t forget to let the Greek yogurt drip off if you’re not using the same as me. For this, I use a plastic coffee filter.
FYI, you can find Total yoghurt at Monoprix.

For the strawberry coulis, I simply mixed the strawberries I had left with a little icing sugar and a squeeze of lemon juice.

The flowers are made from homemade sugar paste. I plan to post the recipe…

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