Cardamom pear chutney

Cardamom pear chutney

Jams and savory chutneys are, in my opinion, the essentials of a holiday meal. Of course, the sweet and savory marriage will be perfect to accompany foie gras. They can also be served with cheese.
We can also imagine lots of good bites to serve as an aperitif. That’s what I did.

I am always flabbergasted by the prices of these salty jams. It is really better to make them yourself. It’s very simple, and we totally control the ingredients that we put in it.

This year, I plan to make mini-burgers. For ease, I will prepare the buns in advance, following this recipe. The quantities of this recipe allow me to prepare between 40 and 50. Afterwards, I put them in the freezer.
All that remains is to take them out, pass them lightly in the oven and garnish them. And I’m sure to please everyone.
For the filling, I planned several flavors. The first will be white pudding and pear chutney with cardamom. In the vegetarian version, the white pudding will be replaced by cheese. Maybe a mature cheddar.
I tested this chutney last year, and we enjoyed it. So I could only do it again.

Preparing it is really very simple. I start with a dry caramel, which gives flavor and color. Then, as with any chutney, you have to add vinegar and the fruit, and let it cook slowly and for a long time. For the fragrance, you know I love cardamom. It goes very well with pear.
A delight! Besides, do not hesitate to double the quantities, because this chutney tends to disappear quite quickly.

Cardamom pear chutney:

50g sugar
50 ml vinegar (Cinnamon Melfor)
350g very ripe pears
1/4 tsp cardamom seeds (to taste)

Put the sugar on the bottom of a saucepan.
Let caramelize over medium low heat without stirring.
When the caramel is golden brown, remove the pan from the heat and add the vinegar.
Add the cubed pears and return to the heat.

Give a light blow of the immersion blender. There should be pieces left.
Add the powdered cardamom.
Simmer over low heat for about 45 minutes. Stir occasionally.
It’s ready when there’s no more liquid left.

Leave to cool and keep refrigerated.

Cardamom pear chutney recipe

To finish: I used melfor this year. I’m emptying my cupboards, and this vinegar seemed perfect for this use.
Last year I used 40ml of apple cider vinegar.

If you want a slightly more gelled texture, you can sprinkle a small teaspoon of Vitpris at the end of cooking.

I buy cardamom seeds, husk already removed. It really is the best.

To make the white pudding and chutney burgers, remove the skin from the white puddings and cut them into thick slices. Return them to the skillet over medium heat. Then place them on a little chutney.

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