Caramelized white chocolate and pecan nut ice cream, easy and without an ice cream maker

Caramelized white chocolate and pecan nut ice cream, easy and without an ice cream maker

Taste a good ice cream… Yum! We are already on vacation, aren’t we?

Here, the holidays are a little overdue this year. Blame it on the situation. Plan A would have made us go far and long. Plan B, took us to the gates of France to discover a new country. Plan C will finally be in France, in a region that we don’t really know. But, as a result, we leave for less time.
This week was therefore holidays, but at home. I admit, it’s hard to let go completely. It’s very similar to all the previous weeks. So, yes, we eat ice cream, but my camera is not very far, and I end up taking a picture. And I can’t resist the urge to share it with you without delay.

We agree, homemade ice cream is the best of the best. Do not believe that it is necessarily complicated to prepare and succeed. This is very, very easy and in addition, it does not require any specific equipment.
It is nevertheless perfect both in terms of taste and texture. What more ?

On this blog, there are already a good number of ice cream recipes without an ice cream maker. There is one that you particularly like. It’s the chocolate one. It is true that it is delicious.
This one, with caramelized white chocolate (including Dulcey de Valrhona) follows the same method. I simply dosed differently, in order to adapt the quantity of sugar.
With pecans, it’s a treat.

I have some chocolate left. I think I’m going to make one soon…

Caramelized white chocolate and pecan nut ice cream:

200 g of caramelized chocolate (such as Dulcey de Valrhona or Dune de Cémoi, etc.)
500g full cream
100g pecan nuts
180 g sweetened condensed milk (Régilait)
20g vodka

The day before, prepare the ganache.
Melt the chocolate with 150 g of cream in the microwave. proceed in 20 second increments and mix well each time.
Once the mixture is homogeneous, add the rest of the cold cream while stirring.

Refrigerate overnight.

Roast the pecan nuts by putting them in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C. Let cool.

The next day, whip this cream as for whipped cream.

Mix condensed milk and vodka.
Add them to the mousse, stirring gently, with a spatula.

Pour this mixture into a dish.
Cover with pecans.

Leave to set for at least 6 hours in the freezer.

Caramelized white chocolate and pecan nut ice cream, easy and without an ice cream maker

To finish: vodka does not smell. It is just there to obtain an even creamier and smoother texture. The ice cream will still be very good without it.

I recommend the combo, Dulcey ice cream and brownie. A real delicacy.

Without caramelized white chocolate, you could also use white chocolate.

The dosage of sweetened condensed milk is weighed in order to obtain a sweet but not excessive ice cream. An ice cream remains a sweet delicacy. You can optionally reduce the amount of sweetened condensed milk slightly. But not too much at the risk of losing smoothness.

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