Caramelized pecans like darlings

Caramelized Pecans

I had taken it into my head to prepare caramelized pecans, in the same way as the chouchous that are usually prepared with peanuts or even almonds. As it’s a recipe that I usually make, I was absolutely convinced to find it on the blog… But, who knows why, I didn’t publish it a priori. Or else, there are too many recipes, and I can’t find it anymore!
So, I will hasten to fill this gap. You may be missing some gourmet gift ideas. Or, you may want to give yourself this gift. Because yes, it’s so good that you can keep them for yourself.

The realization is not complicated, but it is better to have a good saucepan with a thick bottom, and an arm ready to stir for a good little while. It’s also a workout. But afterwards, you appreciate even more your little golden and crispy pecans.

The taste of these pecan darlings is totally different from those we usually know. I like!

Caramelized pecans like darlings:

150g pecan nuts
150g sugar
150ml water

Place the pecans, sugar and water in a heavy-bottomed or copper saucepan.

Heat to 116°C.
Then remove the pan from the heat and stir with a wooden spoon. After a while the sugar will “massage” and coat the pecans with a white layer.

Return the pan to medium heat and, stirring constantly, melt the sugar that covers the bottom of the pan. when it is melted, remove the pan from the heat and stir until it hardens and coats the pecans.

Repeat this operation 2 more times. The melting sugar will caramelize and the almonds will take on a beautiful brown color.

Let cool.

  Pecan Scrunchies

To finish: the recipe is exactly the same with peanuts covered with their skin or almonds.

As it is super greedy and eaten very quickly, you can increase the quantity a little. But still not too much, because afterwards it becomes difficult to stir. It is better to do them several times.

My thermometer never wanted to tell me the right temperature. Certainly because of the too small amount of liquid at the bottom of my sauté pan. So I made a guess. I encourage you to do with a thermometer to be sure of the result, but it is also possible without.

I will soon offer you a recipe that contains these pecans…

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