Caramel pork

Caramel pork

I particularly like the caramel pork. At one time, I only ordered this when I went to a Vietnamese restaurant. For years, I cooked a recipe that satisfied me enough. And then, I got bored and started looking for another, more authentic way of cooking, while remaining just as easy to cook.

I love this caramel pork, and honestly, I could eat this every week.
In this new recipe, I don’t use caramel, but brown vergeoise. And, another peculiarity, all this simmers in coconut water. That’s what makes all the difference. I also add a little sriracha sauce. The result is a very melting pork, coated in a beautiful caramelized sauce, creamy and deliciously flavored.
It’s a delight !
Sometimes I add hard-boiled eggs at the end of cooking. As an accompaniment, I usually choose fragrant rice. I also sometimes take rice noodles which I love.

I hope many of you will want to cook this dish. Don’t forget to leave me a short message. It’s always a pleasure.

Caramel pork:

1 kg pork shoulder
1 fresh onion
2 cloves garlic
80 g brown vergeoise
300ml coconut water
2 tbsp fish sauce
1 tsp sriracha sauce

Cut the meat into cubes.

Brown it on all sides in a little oil over high heat. Proceed in 2 times.
To book.

In the same pan, add a drizzle of oil, and sauté the white of the onion.
Add the grated garlic, then the vergeoise and a spoonful of water. Let simmer over medium heat for a few minutes.
Add coconut water, fish sauce and sriracha.
Put the pork back and simmer over very low heat for about 1½ hours, uncovered. The sauce will reduce and caramelize. It’s ready when it coats the meat. The pork should be tender after this cooking time. Otherwise, extend the cooking slightly after adding a little coconut water.

Serve with fragrant rice, the green of the fresh onion, chilli and a squeeze of lime.

Caramel pork and rice

To finish: coconut water, different from coconut milk, is easily found in supermarkets. The fish sauce should also be there. Otherwise, you can find it in Asian grocery stores. Otherwise, you can use nuoc mam, but it is less strong in taste.

Vergeoise is what is found in the north and in Belgium under the name of brown sugar. Our cane sugar brown sugar has nothing to do with it. Indeed, brown vergeoise is very dark and very fine in texture. It is found in large areas.

For this dish, I take pork shoulder. It is a particularly economical piece. Of course, choose the always good quality.

This dish reheats very well.

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