Cannelés with Saint-Nectaire

Cannelés with Saint Nectaire
The cannelés, we know them and we love them sweet. But, we can also decline them in salted. They will be perfect for an aperitif, or for a meal to be eaten with your fingers. The temperatures of the past few days have made me want to reinvest the garden. and why not go for a picnic.
These cannelés with Saint-Nectaire are delicious. Unlike sweets, it is not necessary to leave the preparation to rest for at least 24 hours in the fridge. I cook them right away. It’s really quite simple to do.
They are to be enjoyed fresh, still warm. This is delicious.
Of course, we cannot talk about cannelés without wondering which mold to use preferably. The copper ones are ideal for me. They are expensive, that’s a fact. Although, good silicone molds are not cheap either. I always use 6 copper and 6 silicone molds. I can therefore, each time make a comparison between the two. And it’s always the copper ones that win hands down. They have a more regular shape, are crispier on the outside, the texture inside is always more pleasant.
Moreover, on the photos the two are mixed. Can you recognize them?

Cannelés with Saint-Nectaire:

150 g of Saint-Nectaire
300g milk
50g butter
2 eggs
200g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
Ground pepper (from Malabar), salt
Preheat the oven to 200°C.
Melt the Saint-Nectaire, cut into pieces, and the butter in 100 ml of milk over low heat. Stir very regularly.
Let cool.
Mix the flour and yeast. Salt and pepper generously.
Add the eggs and mix, adding the remaining milk little by little.
Add the melted cheese, butter and milk mixture.
Grease 12 molds and distribute the preparation without overfilling the molds.
Bake for about 30 minutes. They should be lightly golden.
Give a blow of the pepper mill and serve. Accompany of course with country ham.
Cannelés with Saint Nectaire

To finish: my favorite recipe for sweet cannelés is here. I have definitely adopted the use of powdered milk. I was more than tired of seeing half the time my cannelés swell when cooked in a soufflé style and come out of the moulds.
I did not test for this salty version, telling myself that there was milk with the cheese anyway. And of course, they tended to swell. By pricking them, they are made to fall back into the mould.
You can put a silpat on it.

I perfumed my canelés by raising well with a good pepper. Feel free to use herbs like chives, or spices like cumin seeds.

You can also make mini cannelés by adjusting the cooking time.

To grease, I use a bomb.

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