Cannelés with orange and Grand Marnier, unmissable recipe

Recipe for cannelés with orange and Grand Marnier

I really like cannelés. The few times they brought it back to me from Bordeaux, I enjoyed it. Of course, I wanted to make some at home. It’s a recipe that seems simple, yet success is not always there.
My main concern comes from the fact that half the time they tend to puff up like soufflés. As a result, if we let it happen, the cannelés have not very aesthetic shapes. Where then, I happened to spend my time taking them out of the oven to prick them and put them back in their place. It’s the head-turning thing that discourages you from doing it again.
So I read all the good advice that can be found on the internet. My molds weren’t great, I replaced them with good silicone molds, then I also invested in copper molds. Nothing has changed. Some said you had to give them a heat shot when putting them in the oven. I set my oven to 270°C. Guess what ! I read again that the quantity of egg whites could play a role, that the dough had to be prepared 24 or even 48 hours in advance…
I tested everything, and half the time, my canelés swell, regardless of the method used.
Some tell me that never happens to them. They are very lucky. Or maybe a talent that I don’t have.

And then, by chance, I stumbled upon some lines who said that the problem could come from the milk. The trick to avoid any problems is to use powdered milk.
Well, if it’s as simple as that, I only ask to test.
So it’s been several times that I make my usual recipe with powdered milk, and I no longer have any worries about canelés trying to escape. Alright, now I have another problem. With powdered milk, it browns much faster. So, I would have to remember to reduce the cooking time. So happy to be able to let them live their life in the oven without having to watch them every 5 minutes, my little cannelés got a little hot in the buttocks. But for once, they were super crispy!

Last peculiarity of this recipe, I flavored them with orange and Grand-Marnier. These are seasonal flavors, and above all, given the price of vanilla, it’s good to imagine other flavors.
I hope this recipe will appeal to you as much as I do. I count on your feedback.

Cannelés with orange and Grand Marnier:

500ml water
50g butter

1 organic orange for the zest
250g sugar

50 g powdered milk (Régilait)
2 egg yolks and 1 whole egg
125g flour
3 tbsp Grand Marnier

In a saucepan, heat the water, butter and finely grated orange zest.
Leave to infuse for 15 minutes.

Mix sugar and eggs.

Mix flour and powdered milk.
To mix everything.

Add Grand Marnier.

Add water while mixing.
Let everything rest in the fridge for 24 hours.

Preheat the oven to 260°C.

Grease 12 molds and distribute the preparation.
Cook for 15 minutes.
Lower the temperature to 200°C and continue cooking for APPROXIMATELY 35 minutes (mine left for 45 minutes). They should caramelize without burning. It may be good to turn the plate during cooking.

Unmold right out of the oven on a wire rack.
Eat as quickly as possible, as they will lose their crispness.

Cannelés with orange and Grand Marnier, unmissable recipe

To finish: I use 6 silicone molds and 6 copper molds. With this recipe, I see less difference between the two.

I tested cooking in static and ventilated heat. I didn’t really see any difference, other than the serious heat stroke in ventilated. You can see what my baking looked like here. In static and hotter oven, they were very soft, except on the bottom.
Anyway, everyone can choose to cook them more or less according to their tastes.

You can substitute orange and Grand Marnier with whatever flavors you like.

I grease all my molds with a bomb. So it never sticks.

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