Calmar rings

Calmar rings

If there is a dish that for me smells like summer and holidays, it is calamari fritters. I can easily fall for a punnet, even knowing that they are frozen. And of course, it’s like everything, homemade is much better.
Still need a good recipe! I remember a test, a few years ago, which turned into a disaster.

But since then, I have tested several times a good donut dough recipe that gives great results. So, I also had to try with calamari rings. The texture of the batter is perfect and coats the calamari well. The result is a golden, crispy, well puffed donut.

To eat with your fingertips as a tapas or as a meal with a salad. I like!

To accompany them, you can prepare a little homemade mayonnaise, but personally, I prefer them with a spicy sauce. And lemon of course!

Calmar rings:

100g of flour
50g cornstarch
1 tsp baking powder
190 g light beer
salt pepper

500g squid rings
plain flour
Frying oil

Mix flour, cornstarch and baking powder.
Add the beer well fresh. To mix together.
Sprinkle the calamari with a little flour and toss to coat.

Heat the oil.

Dip a ring in the donut batter then put it in the hot oil.
Leave to brown for a few minutes, then set aside on absorbent paper.
Do the same for all the rings. Do not fry more than 5/6 donuts at a time.

Salt, and serve with lemon.

Calmar rings

To finish: I use a large wok for my frying. Always provide a good amount of oil.

The beer does not smell after cooking, and of course there is no alcohol left. It is also possible to use very cold sparkling water.

For the hot sauce, I recently found habanero peppers and simmered a sauce that moves. I love that!

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