Calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables – June

Calendar of seasonal fruits and vegetables - June

The beautiful month of June! We will be able to enjoy all the summer fruits and vegetables. Long live the clafoutis! Long live the watermelon and melon salads. Long live the tomato pies!
It is happiness.

And so many other recipes…
Here is a small selection of recipes among those already available on the blog. (Just click on the name to be directed to the recipe)

For other ideas, do not hesitate to use the search bar (available on the web version of the blog) by typing the ingredient you want to cook.

Cherry Toscakaka
Quick cherry ice cream
Feta watermelon salad
Melon Salad
Raspberry puff pastries
Nectarine and amaretti clafoutis
Apricot buns
Tomato tart and Saint Nectaire
Zucchini and goat cheese gratin
Stuffed eggplant
Eggplant caviar

Treat yourself, it’s in season!

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