Butterscotch sauce (easy recipe)

I love caramel almost as much as chocolate. I like the smoothness of a nice salted butter caramel sauce that is still warm. For this I have my favorite recipe which I do very (too!) often.
However, there is another caramel sauce that I love, the butterscotch sauce. Unlike salted butter caramel, which is a bit technical to make, this one is really super easy to prepare since all the ingredients are simply cooked together. You get a syrupy and deliciously flavored sauce.

The use of brown sugar brings a magnificent dark color and a very marked taste which makes it definitely addictive. My brown sugar comes from Belgium. Above all, it should not be confused with the brown sugar found in France. It is under the name brown vergeoise that we find the equivalent.

You can use this sauce with crepes, pancakes, on ice cream, with cooked apples… There are many uses. It was with an apple pie that I enjoyed myself. I’ll tell you about it soon.
I also made a latte (like here). It’s my favorite drink at the moment.

I look forward to your ideas for using this succulent butterscotch sauce.

butterscotch sauce:

100 g brown sugar (or brown sugar)
100g butter
120 g liquid cream
1 pinch of fleur de sel

Put the brown sugar, butter and single cream in a saucepan.
Put the saucepan on the heat and bring everything to a boil while stirring.

Once boiling, lower the heat slightly and simmer for 3 to 5 minutes while continuing to stir. The longer you leave, the more the sauce will thicken, knowing that it will thicken even more off the heat.

Once the desired consistency is reached, remove the pan from the heat and add the fleur de sel.

Book cool.
To make it more liquid, it will be enough to pass it slightly in the microwave.

To finish: on this recipe, I leave you a few days, the time for me to take a little Parisian vacation with the family. See you soon!
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