Brown and blackcurrant Christmas log

Blackcurrant brown Yule log

There are scents that we readily associate with Christmas. Chocolate of course, but also brown. It is impossible to imagine parties without candied chestnuts.
It is often the flavor that I choose for my Yule log. Yet there is still no chestnut log on the blog. And yes, either I didn’t take the time to take a picture of the dessert, or the yule log season is over and we’ve already moved on to galettes.

As you will have understood, this chestnut and blackcurrant yule log dates from last Christmas… And I had also prepared it the previous year. It is high time that I share it with you.
This will certainly be the last yule log recipe that I will put here this year. I would still have to decide to also offer you some savory ideas for your holiday meals. I admit, I’m a little stranded on recipes for appetizers and dishes. What do you want, right now, I want some treats.

Going back to my brown currant log of the day, it is inspired by Jacques Genin’s. It’s a professional recipe, but still simple to prepare. On the other hand, she uses pro ingredients, such as the famous chestnut paste, which you can’t find in hypermarkets. It is also used in Mont-Blanc. It is less sweet than chestnut cream and more consistent. You can certainly do without, although I haven’t tried. It can also be found in pro stores. I’m sure there’s one near you that also sells to individuals.

The first time I prepared this log, I garnished it with candied chestnuts. But, we found that another flavor was missing. So I added a blackcurrant insert. It is an association that works very well.

If you are still looking for an idea for your Christmas log, this one is for you. It is a yule log that is sure to please.

Brown and blackcurrant Christmas log:

Blackcurrant insert:

200 g blackcurrant jam (confipote type)
2 g gelatin (1 sheet)

Put the gelatin in a bowl of cold water.

Do cool down jam in the microwave.
Add the drained gelatin. Mix well.

Fill an insert mold with this jelly.
Place for a few hours in the freezer.


110 g whites
60 g sugar
100 g ground almonds
15 g flour
40g icing sugar
flaked almonds

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Beating egg whites.
When the whisks start to leave traces, add the sugar little by little while continuing to beat.

Mix the almond powder, flour and icing sugar.
Add this mixture to the whipped egg whites, using a spatula.

Pour this batter into a rectangular pie pan.
Sprinkle some slivered almonds on top.

Cook for 10/12 minutes.
Let cool completely.

Homemade Christmas log with chestnut and blackcurrant

Chestnut mousse:

150g chestnut cream
150g chestnut paste
150 g chestnut puree.
150 g whole liquid cream
7.5g gelatin (3.75 sheets)
40 g sugar
12g water
30g egg yolks
15 g egg
20g rum

Whisk the cream, paste and chestnut puree for a long time until you have a smooth and homogeneous mixture.
Whip the whipped cream.
Book cool.

Rehydrate the gelatin in a bowl of cold water.

Prepare a syrup by mixing water and sugar.
Bake at 117°C.

Whisk the yolks and the whole egg for a few minutes. They should be frothy.
Gently pour the syrup over the whipped eggs.
Continue whisking until the mixture is lukewarm.

Heat the rum and add the drained gelatine leaves. Mix well.
Add this mixture to the whipped chestnuts. To mix together.
Then add the eggsthen the whipped cream.

Put this mousse in the log mould.
Put the frozen insert in the center.
Arrange the biscuit cut to the right size on top.
Put in the freezer for at least one night.

Go out a few hours in advance.
Decorate as you wish. I just melted some white chocolate.
Book cool.
Cassis Brown Yule Log Recipe

To finish: for the biscuit, I use a rectangular pie pan, because that way it’s easy to have a thick cake, and almost the right size for the log mould.
You can do without a mould, by putting the dacquoise directly on a baking sheet.

my mold Meringa being small, I chose a insert so small.
I could also have done the same with this log. Besides, if I had blackcurrant purée, I would certainly have made the recipe for confit from this log. Failing that, I used jam.

This log will be good for 8 people
You can use other log molds. Adapt the quantities to the size.

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