Brioche with cantal and wild garlic

The idea for this brioche came fromIsabella. Last year, I prepared his version with parmesan and wild garlic. A delight! The idea came to him from an Italian recipe eaten at Easter time, the crescia. She added wild garlic to it. I change the cheese. An in-between cantal works wonders.

This brioche is deliciously fragrant. It is best with charcuterie. It can be served as an aperitif and accompanied by cheese. I ate it as a meal, still lukewarm. With a salad it was perfect.
As soon as the weather is nice, we can take him on a picnic.

This Cantal brioche is very soft and it remains so even the next day. To be repeated very often.

Brioche with cantal and wild garlic:

3 eggs
80g olive oil
180 g cantal in-between
90g milk
1 tsp dehydrated baker’s yeast
350g flour (T45)
wild garlic
salt pepper

I use my Thermomix. It’s up to you to adapt to your favorite device!

Dissolve the yeast in the very slightly lukewarm milk.

Grate the cantal. Reserve it in a small bowl.

In the robot, fitted with the whisk, put the eggs, salt and pepper. Whisk while gradually pouring in the olive oil. The preparation should be frothy.
Add the cheese and let it whip again.

Remove the whisk.
Add the flour and the yeast dissolved in the milk.
Knead for 6 minutes.

Finely chop the wild garlic leaves.
Add them before the end of the kneading.

Let the dough rise in the closed bowl for about 1 hour.

Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface.
Cut it in two.
Press it with your hand, then make a ball.
Make a hole in the middle and enlarge it so as to put the dough in a small greased kugelhopf mold.
Do the same with the other dough.

Film and let rise for another hour.

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Cook for about 20 minutes.
Enjoy warm or cold.

To finish: use the mold(s) you like. Cake pans or muffin pans, all are possible. Just adjust the cooking times.

Outside of wild garlic season, you can choose other herbs.
To find wild garlic, you must have a corner. Afterwards, it’s happiness every spring.
They can also be found at Grand Frais.

I love olive oil and have some really good ones. On the other hand, I keep them to season salads and special uses. In everyday oil, I have been using for a long time the Terra Delyssa. That’s what I used in this brioche.

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