Brie stuffed with black garlic from Billom

Billom’s black garlic… This is a wonderful product that I absolutely wanted you to discover.
Food enthusiasts and lovers of exceptional products are most certainly familiar with Aomori black garlic. If you look for the small town of Billom on a map, you will not find it on the Japanese side, but in Auvergne.
Billom is also very famous for its pink garlic.

Billom’s black garlic was developed by Laurent and you can discover it here. Homemade, it is gaining a good reputation and many chefs are discovering it and putting it on their menu. During a long process of maceration, cooking and drying, the garlic takes on a magnificent black color and aromas of mushrooms, prunes, balsamic develop, making it a unique condiment.

To cook it, I prefer to handle it as little as possible, in order to preserve all its flavors. I prefer to avoid cooking. So I prepared a stuffed Brie. My brie is simply cut in half and topped with black garlic flavored mascarpone. There is nothing simpler to do, but the result is very pleasant.
Simply choose an underdone brie.

Brie stuffed with black garlic from Billom:

1 brie of 500 g
250g mascarpone (or cream cheese)
4 to 5 cloves of Billom’s black garlic

Finely chop the black garlic cloves then gently mix them with the mascarpone.

Cut the chilled brie in half.
Put a first part back in the box then cover it with mascarpone.
Put the top of the cheese back on it.
Close the box, pack and reserve everything for about 24 hours in the fridge.

Cut the cheese into pieces and enjoy simply with a nice slice of bread.

To finish: last week, at the remarkable sites of the taste of Salers, the heads of the republic, present at the event, simply snacked pieces of Salers meat which they covered with a thin slice of Salers cheese and a small piece of black garlic. Simple and delicious, perfect for an appetizer!

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