Bread garnished with wild garlic and goat cheese

Yum! A pretty bread richly garnished with wild garlic and cheese…
I posted a photo a few days ago on instagram. I really did not expect such success. Like me, you like the simplicity and originality of this dish. And also the cheese!
So when I had to prepare a dish with seasonal products for the bloggers’ day buffet which took place yesterday at ZodioI finally did not hesitate too much on what I was going to prepare.

Usually I really like to use Cantal, but since I had already posted a recipe here, this time I preferred to use goat cheese. Chabichou melts less well than Cantal during cooking, but its combination with wild garlic is delicious.

Is it really necessary to specify that this bun was very popular?
If you also want to seduce at the time of the aperitif, on a buffet or as an accompaniment to a salad, do not hesitate to try this delicious garnished bread.

Bread garnished with wild garlic and goat cheese:

1 loaf
1 small bunch wild garlic
3 tbsp olive oil
1 Chabichou (The Royal Creamery)

Cut the bread into nice squares. Above all, do not cut the crust underneath.

Finely chop the wild garlic, without the stalk.
Mix with two tablespoons of oil.

Generously arrange the wild garlic between the squares.

Cut the cheese into thin slices (I use a foie gras lyre for this) then into pieces.
Insert the pieces of cheese between each square of bread.

To book.

When ready to eat, preheat the oven to 180°C.

Add the last spoon of oil on top and brown the bread for about twenty minutes.

Treat yourself!

To finish: we are in the middle of wild garlic season. If you do not yet know this tasty plant, I encourage you to discover it as soon as possible. The ideal is to have a corner to pick it. All information is here.
Otherwise, you can find them in department stores dedicated to fruits and vegetables.

Alternatively, use a mixture of parsley and garlic as here.

I used a delicious Chabichou sent to me by the Royal Creamery, an online haute cuisine cheese shop. It was a real pleasure to receive a magnificent box from them. All these cheeses are a delight, especially Truffle Brieone of their specialties, which we tasted in religious silence.

And I can’t finish this article without a small dedication to Johanna, from the blog Fork and Mascara. Thank you for everything! And also for your hands…

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