Bonèt, chocolate flans and amaretti from Piedmont

Bonèt, chocolate flans and Piedmontese amaretti

The dessert that I propose to you today takes us to Italy, more precisely to Piedmont. It will appeal to all chocolate and almond lovers. And also all those like me who love Italian cuisine. I would like to be able to go around this country to discover all the traditional dishes (and also the wonderful landscapes of course). In the meantime, it’s in Italian cookbooks and blogs that I spend my time.
I discovered the bonèt a long time ago. We liked it so much that since then I’ve had fun doing different variations, more or less far from the original version.

As you can imagine, these little flans are marvels. They are rich in flavor and so comforting. Like our custards, a layer of caramel covers them. The peculiarity of these blanks is the use of dry amaretti. Hmm, this characteristic perfume is a treat!

To cook these flans, there is nothing very complicated. Don’t be afraid to use a bain-marie. All you have to do is choose a large dish in which 6 ramekins can be placed. Simply add boiling water all around and cook the whole thing slowly in the oven, over low heat. By doing so, the texture is very smooth, without small water spots which are a sign of overcooking.

Bonèt, chocolate flans and amaretti:

110g dried amaretti
40g bitter cocoa
500ml whole milk
4 eggs
75g sugar
20 ml of amber rum

Mix the amaretti to reduce them to a fine powder.
Add the cocoa and mix.

Warm the milk.

Whisk eggs and sugar.
Add the cocoa amaretti powder. To mix together.
Add the rum, then the lukewarm milk while stirring.


75g sugar
15+35ml water

Put the sugar and 15 ml of water in a small saucepan.
Allow to caramelize without stirring.
Off the heat, add 35 ml of hot water. Put back on the heat, just long enough to have a liquid and creamy mixture.

Divide this caramel into 6 ramekins.

Preheat the oven to 150°C.
Heat water.

Spread the cream over the caramel, then arrange the ramekins in a large dish.
Pour the boiling water around the ramekins without going to the top. Leave a good centimeter.

Bake the bain-marie for about 40 minutes.

Eat fresh. Unmold the flans by passing a blade all around, then turn over on a plate and shake sharply.
Decorate with a cookie.

Bonèt, Italian chocolate and amaretti flans

To finish: it is also possible to make a large flan. in this case, the cooking will take longer.

As I told you, you can vary the flavors. I really like replacing rum with coffee liqueur or Marsala.

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