Beavertails, the Canadian donut

Beavertails, the Canadian donut
It certainly did not escape you that yesterday was Mardi Gras, the day when donuts are celebrated in all their forms. This year I saw my yarn instagram flooded with pictures of donuts. We all need these little moments that break the routine and bring a little sweetness in this very special time.
As you can imagine, I too succumbed. It’s a little known donut that I prepared. Finally, unknown in France, where we prefer the big stuffed donut. Beaver tails, or beaver tails, are a Canadian specialty. There is a chain, Beavertails, that sells these beavertails. They can be purchased filled with different flavors. The most classic are cinnamon-brown sugar and maple-pecan. They are also found garnished cheesecake style or with spread, and Reese’s, brownie or with banana slices. What delicacy!
Yes, because what’s really good about beavertails is the shape. Like a waffle, you can spread them as you want. And frankly, it’s much easier to make than big stuffed donuts. Definitely, I prefer!
To prepare them, we start with a brioche dough that we let rise. Afterwards, just roll out balls of dough with your fingertips, leaving a small border. A little turn in the frying bath, a little cinnamon brown sugar, and that’s it. These donuts are incredibly fluffy. Spread with a divine maple fondant, it’s a treat! Believe me, I had the greatest difficulty to eat only one.
The maple fondant (or butter) is, in my opinion, the little touch that brings you directly back to Montreal or Ottawa. I’ve wanted to do it again for years. I had to slip this fondant into my basket to finally make up my mind. So yes, it’s not easy to find and it costs an arm, but frankly it’s unbeatable.

Beaver tails:

120g milk
60g water
35g brown sugar
2 tsp dehydrated baker’s yeast
350g T45 flour
1/2 tsp salt
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla extract
30g sunflower oil
frying oil
Garnish: brown sugar, cinnamon, maple fondant, roasted pecans
Warm the milk, water, brown sugar and yeast slightly.
Add flour, salt, egg, oil and vanilla.
Knead for 6/7 minutes at medium speed if Kitchenaid, over knead if Thermomix…
Cover and let rise in the bowl at room temperature for about 1 hour 30 minutes.
Beavertails, the Canadian donut
Heat the frying bath. I use a wok.
Place the dough on a lightly floured work surface.
Cut into 10 pieces.
Using your fingertips, shape the dough into an oval shape, leaving a small rim all around.
Put the dough in the oil one after the other. Cook on both sides, place on absorbent paper, then roll in the brown sugar and cinnamon mixture.
Do this for all the pieces of pasta.
Enjoy while still hot, with maple fondant and pecans or any other garnish.

Beavertails, the Canadian donut

To finish: maple fondant is a preparation made from maple syrup. It is heated and evaporated, cooled, then reheated and finally beaten. It is all these operations that give it its creamy texture. And that also explains its price.

I ordered it on Kazidomi (20 euros on the membership which allows savings, with the code CHIC20)

Because of frying, the house doesn’t smell good afterwards. I assure you it is enough to ventilate a good shot, then to burn a good scented candle to solve this problem very easily.
Good and then, donuts are greasy. Yes, but we don’t eat it every day. And the next meal is lighter.
Above all, do not believe those who suggest you bake them in the oven, unless of course you want to eat a brioche.

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