Baechu kimchi, chinese cabbage kimchi

Kimchi is the quintessential Korean dish. I discovered it a while ago, bought canned in an Asian grocery store. I then cooked kimchi bokkeumbap, fried rice with kimchi. We loved it and very quickly, this dish became one of our favorites on lazy nights. But to do this, it is essential to have kimchi in the fridge.
The overpriced little jars of canned food quickly annoyed me, so I naturally tried to make my kimchi myself. A few ingredients, like gochugaru (Korean chili powder not very hot) are needed. After that, it’s extremely simple and delicious. Since then, I always try to have a jar of baechu kimchi (cabbage kimchi) available.
Koreans prepare kimchi with all kinds of ingredients. So far, I’ve only made this version.
To do this, the cabbage is first put in brine, a mixture of water and salt, then it continues its fermentation with all the flavors. Its conservation is very long. The longer you keep it, the more it ferments and becomes tasty.
Kimchi is really something to discover. I hope to inspire you.

baechu kimchi:

1 Chinese cabbage
100 g coarse salt
1 liter of water

Heat the water and the salt.
Let cool.

Cut the cabbage into pieces and place in a large dish.
Pour the water over it and let it sit for 6 hours at room temperature. Stir occasionally.

Drain the cabbage and rinse it.
Let it drain well.

2 apples
5 garlic cloves
5cm ginger
4 tbsp fish sauce
3 tbsp chilli powder (gochugaru)
4 spring onions (or 2 spring onions)
spring water

Mix the apples, garlic and ginger so as to have a fine purée.
Add the fish sauce, chilli and chopped spring onions.
Mix the well-drained cabbage with this sauce.
Add a few spoonfuls of water so that the cabbage is well coated.

Pack this preparation in a sterilized jar.
Leave to stand at room temperature for about 24 hours. In winter, I rather leave 36 hours.

At the end of this time, place the jar in the bottom of the fridge.

To finish: my recipe is inspired by that of Bird ChiliPierre Sang Boyer and a few others read here or there.

Now I have to post my favorite kimchi fried rice recipe. This is a recipe that I prepare very regularly. In fact, I did it two days ago. Except, it’s most of the time, it’s evening and I never bother to take a picture of it.
I have a good excuse to make some for lunch…

remember korean pancakes. You can replace the seafood in the recipe with kimchi. It’s very good.

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