Back from vacation and Italian recipes

There you go, the best things come to an end and here we are back from cruising. We spent 12 very pleasant days between Italy and Greece.
We first visited Genoa then Naples and the site of Herculaneum before docking in Kalamata to visit Mystra, then Nauplia. Then it was Volos and the monasteries of Meteora and Athens. Finally, it is in Sicily, in Trapani that we ended this nice trip.

Of course, throughout this cruise, whether on the boat or on land, gastronomy played an important role. I made some great discoveries, such as the mostarda, an amazing and so delicious Italian condiment made with spicy candied fruits. I also have wonderful memories of the Greek salad, made up of perfectly ripe and tasty vegetables. The spanatopitas and patatopitas were also delicious.
In Sicily, we loved cannoli and brioches topped with ice cream.
I could also talk about arancini, focaccia or even koulouri…

There are so many things that I have tasted!
The next few months will inevitably be influenced by all these discoveries and the trip to Italy and Greece will continue in my kitchen.

In the meantime, we will have to rest our bodies a little from all this abuse. In addition, the transition from the summer heat of Greece, with more than 30°C, to the winter temperatures of France got the better of our body. It is really not certain that I will cook much in the days to come.

I still have a few recipes in reserve and I’m going to simmer you a very nice article on a Neapolitan specialty. Those who follow me on Instagram (here) must know what I’m talking about. I leave the surprise to others.

And then there are also already a number of Italian recipes on the blog. Do not hesitate to search.
So today I’m offering you a little throwback with a few recipes chosen from among so many others.

In salty, I suggest you rediscover:

Fried pizzettes
Pesto alla genovese

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

In sweet, it will be:

Sicilian cassata
Brutti ma buoni

Ricotta and pear cake
Louisa’s Cake

To finish: see you soon with new recipes…

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