Artichoke spread with goat cheese

Aperitif time is slowly coming back. What I like above all are spreads of all kinds. I could serve only that. There is of course the pesto whose ingredients I like to vary like here Where thebut also the guacamole or hummus. I also like rillettes, whether they are composed of chicken Where salmon.

I like more than anything to give pride of place to a vegetable, like roasted peppers or spicy carrots. Really, there are so many ways to vary your appetizers and have fun.

Today, I offer you a spread made with artichoke and goat cheese.

I always buy my goat cheeses at the market. The producer is charming and her choice of cheeses very interesting. It is sold from very fresh, strained, to very mature. Usually, I always choose logs of goat cheese that are very unripened, still very soft, perfect for this artichoke spread. By leaving them in the fridge, they will continue to dry out. Sometimes I flavor them with different spices and herbs. This is delicious! And again, it’s perfect as an aperitif.

You can serve this artichoke spread with breadsticks or simply toast.

Artichoke spread with goat cheese:
1 large artichoke
1 untreated lemon
60g goat cheese
20 ml fruity olive oil
Salt pepper

Start by removing the first leaves from the artichoke. Then cut the top of the leaves and with the knife turn all around the artichoke so as to keep only the heart and the base of the leaves.
Remove the hay. Lemon generously heart artichoke to prevent it from blackening.

Cook it for about 20 minutes in a small saucepan of salted water with lemon.

Blend the artichoke, olive oil and the juice and zest of half a lemon.
Add the cheese and mix.

Keep refridgerated.

Finally: you can also use hearts frozen artichokes. It’s even easier to prepare. Then cook 120 g of artichokes, about 2 depending on their size.

It is also very good with ricotta.

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