Apple cookie crumble

Apple cookie crumble

And one, I wanted to make an apple crumble.
And two, I had a huge craving for chocolate cookies.
So, I prepared an apple crumble covered with a cookie. Well you know what… It’s super good! Makes me wonder why I hadn’t thought of doing this sooner.

As this recipe is my best idea for this beginning of the year, there is absolutely no doubt that we will see crumble cookies on my table very often. With apples, it was delicious. But with pears… Hummm! And replacing the chocolate with caramel! And also with pecans!
And accompanied by whipped cream, vanilla ice cream… My gluttony will ruin me!

Apple cookie crumble:

8 small apples (golden)
25g butter
25g sugar
1/2 tsp Ceylon cinnamon

Melt the sugar in a skillet that goes into the oven.
When it has a nice caramel color, add the butter then the peeled and cubed apples.
Add the cinnamon and cook over medium heat for about ten minutes.

Let cool.


80g soft butter
80 g blond vergeoise
1 egg
150g flour
1 level tsp baking powder
1 pinch of salt
100g chocolate (70%)

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Whisk the soft butter.
Add the vergeoise. To mix together.
Add the egg. Mix well.
Add flour, baking powder and salt. Mix briefly.

Coarsely chop the chocolate, then add it to the batter.

Spread the dough over the cooked apples with your fingertips. It will spread while baking.
Bake for 20 to 25 minutes.

Enjoy warm.

Apple cookie crumble

To finish: I used my cast iron skillet; It allows you to cook the apples on the fire, then put the whole thing in the oven. Plus it looks pretty on the table.
I love this skillet! I ordered it on Amazon a few years ago. It was a set of 3 not expensive at all. I was a little afraid of being disappointed, but in fact I did not regret this purchase. On the other hand, I use very little of the 2 smaller pans.

Without this type of pan, just put everything in a dish that goes in the oven.

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