Anti-waste cooking: chicken broth

This beginning of the year seems ideal to me to inaugurate a new theme of recipes, anti-waste kitchen. By very simple gestures and recipes, we avoid overloading the bins. We make a gesture not only for our planet but also for our wallet.
Above all, we have fun!

You may still have the carcass of your New Year’s Eve poultry. Don’t throw it away!
It’s time to use it and prepare a broth rich in taste by simmering this carcass with different vegetables and herbs. You can of course take the opportunity to dispose of leftover vegetables that should have ended up in the trash. For example, stalks of parsley wonderfully flavor a broth. It would be a shame not to use them.

After all the excesses of the last few days, you can use this broth to prepare varied and tasty soups. It will also be ideal for cooking a risotto. The uses are many. It goes wherever you would be tempted to use a cube.
And, there is no doubt that this homemade broth is much better than any one you can buy, too rich in salt and additives of all kinds.

It keeps for a few days in the fridge and also in the freezer.

Chicken broth:

1 roast chicken carcass
vegetables (parsley stalks, green leek, carrots, onion, garlic, etc.)
aromatics (bay leaf, clove, rosemary, etc.)

Coarsely chop the carcass and brown it with a little cooking juice or a little oil for a few minutes. Choose a large enough pot.
Stir occasionally.

Add some vegetables and herbs that you have roughly chopped.
Fry for a few more minutes while stirring.
Cover up with 2 to 3 liters of water.

Leave to simmer for about 2 hours at a low boil, in the closed casserole.

Filter the broth by passing it through a strainer.
Store it in the fridge for a week or in the freezer.
Once cooled, the fat settles on the surface. Just remove it to have a very light broth.

To finish: I never salt my broth when preparing it. I prefer to do it to use. This allows me in particular to use it to cook pulses as well as for this lentil soup.

For freezer storage, choose different bottle sizes and don’t fill them completely. For a risotto, you will need about 1 litre. Almost as much for a soup.
For cooking one fried vegetables, you will need only 200 ml.
Don’t forget to take it out in advance to give it time to thaw.

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