Abuja, chocolate and peanuts

Abuja, chocolate mousse and peanut entremets

Today, I share with you the recipe for this delicious cake. You’re going to tell me it’s too hot to bake a cake. And I would answer you yes, but no… Already, it’s always a good time to share and enjoy a cake. And then, no excuses, because this cake requires no baking. And it is really very simple to do. From aill, it was during the heat stroke in June that Ihad prepared.

In addition to being easy to make, it is also very pleasant to taste. The chocolate mousse is soft to perfection. It’s light in the mouth. And the association with the peanut is just perfect. As a biscuit, I prepared a crunchy base also with chocolate and peanut butter. This crunchy bottom is my trick for not having to heat the oven.

The peanut butter used in this recipe is homemade. Really, I recommend you. The recipe is here. It is unctuous, quite liquid and well scented. Personally, I am quite generous with salt, because I love it. And that’s what is good with a homemade preparation, you can do according to your tastes. Otherwise, you can of course take a ready-made butter.

And the icing? I’ve had this recipe for a while now. She is perfect. Without effort, you get a fine and shiny glaze that will give you a lot of satisfaction.

Abuja, chocolate and peanuts:

Crunchy peanuts:

30g dark chocolate (Ocoa 70% Barry)
50 g of gavottes
30g salted peanuts
40g peanut butter (recipe here)

Melt the chocolate in 20 second increments in the microwave. Stop as soon as it is 3/4 melted and stir to melt the rest.

Add the crumbled gavottes, the peanuts in small pieces and the peanut butter. To mix together.
Pour into a 16 cm circle and let cool.

Peanut butter:

3 good tbsp peanut butter (recipe here)
1 tbsp icing sugar
neutral oil

Mix the 2. If necessary, add a drizzle of oil to obtain a fairly fluid texture.

Pour over the hardened crisp and set aside in the freezer.

Chocolate mousse:

140g dark chocolate (Ocoa 70% Barry)
100g milk
1 sheet of gelatin (2 g)
200g whipped liquid full cream

Put the gelatin in a bowl of cold water to soften it.

Melt the dark chocolate in the microwave in 20 second increments. Stir each time.
Heat the milk.
Squeeze the gelatin and add it to the milk. To mix together.
Pour the milk over the chocolate in several batches while stirring vigorously. Let cool.

Add the whipped cream gently with a spatula.

Pour this mousse into the mold (Eclipse from Silikomart).
Cover with crisp, peanut butter underneath.

Reserve in the freezer for several hours.

Cocoa mirror glaze:

4 sheets of gelatin (8 g)
210 g of sugar

75ml water
70g bitter cocoa
145 ml liquid cream

Rehydrate the gelatin in a large bowl of cold water.

Heat the sugar and water to 103°C.
Add the cocoa and mix well.
Add the squeezed gelatin to the hot cream. To mix together.
Add to the water, cocoa sugar mixture. Mix well.

Filter the preparation andlet cool.
The mixture must be almost cold while remaining fluid enough to flow well on the cake.


Unmold the cake and place it on a small, slightly high support, itself placed on a plate.
Drizzle the frosting over it, generously all at once. To see a video of this step, it’s here.


100g whole cream
30g mascarpone
1 tsp icing sugar

Whip the ingredients into whipped cream.
Poach on a sheet of rhodoïd and cover with another sheet.
Leave to set in the freezer.

Gently spoon over the frosting.

Leave the cake to thaw for a few hours in the fridge.

Abuja, chocolate mousse and peanut entremets

To finish: the decoration is not obligatory. Besides, I kinda regretted having done it.
I originally wanted it in chocolate mousse, but I didn’t have enough mousse. You can plan a little more.

I wanted the Eclipse mold for a long time. I find it an ideal size and shape for many cakes or pies. It comes from the site Pour les Gourmets here.
Chocolate also comes from it, here

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