2016, indulgence… More and more indulgence!

Here is my small, very subjective selection of recipes from the past year.

From January to December 2016, 12 sweet recipes:

Crispy galette des rois with caramelized almonds
Banoffee Pie
Sfogliatelle napolatene
Key lime pie
Ferrero layer cake
Chocolate marble cake
Speculoos cheesecake
Chocolate and pear pastry cake
Gingerbread from Christophe Felder

From January to December 2016, 12 savory recipes:

Savory Liège waffles with raclette cheese
Complete Breton galette
Sourdough seed baguettes
onion rings
Zucchini, salmon and burrata lasagna

Filet mignon in confit tomato and mozzarella crust
Savory tart with nectarines and goat cheese
Puff pastry tart with tomato, Saint Nectaire and Charroux mustard
Potato Caponata
Pumpkin and chestnut pie
Oven roasted butternut
Brioche with pesto and hot camembert

And you, what recipe did you make and appreciate?

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