12 recipes for sweet and savory pancakes for a successful Candlemas

Pancakes with spread

Pancakes, we all like that. Everyone has their favorite recipe and especially their favorite filling.
At home, we are divided between those who swear by the spread and the others, who simply appreciate them with a little sugar and lemon juice.
Impossible not to succumb to this delicacy throughout the year.

For the pancake batter recipe, of course I have my favorite way of doing it. In a food processor (yes, it’s the best way to have no lumps!), I simply mix 250 g of flour with 500 g of milk and 2 eggs. On this basis, it is possible to vary the flavors and the flours, then the fillings in order to have a multitude of recipes both sweet and savory.

And, you can also make international pancakes, like pancakes, or more regional, like a pacade, a buckwheat pancake or Picardy ficelles.
There are so many recipes and ways to enjoy pancakes!
Which one will you be tempted by?

Sweet recipes:

All chocolate pancakes
Crepe cake, coffee chocolate ganache
Savory recipes:
Full Breton pancakes

And to accompany pancakes:

The toppings are numerous and everyone chooses according to their taste. I like to present a whole assortment of them, often improvised with what is in my cupboards or my fridge.

I also like to offer homemade spreads and fillings, like these:

To finish: a few years ago, I won a pancake party at a lottery organized by my children’s school. This device then seemed like a gadget to me and I almost didn’t keep it.
Luckily I didn’t, because now we use it very regularly. It’s awesome!

Again, I go around my fridge and take out a multitude of savory and sweet toppings. Chorizo, blue cheese from Auvergne, coriander, eggs, fresh onions, button mushrooms… for the savoury; chocolate, bananas, jam, frozen blueberries, or even ricotta… for sweetness. It’s very fun and really delicious.
It has become the ultimate no-fuss family meal!

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